Food Categories:
  • Chocolate Delight

    Chocolate Delight

    Chocolate Cake with ice cream or fresh whipped cream...

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  • Assorted Cakes

    Assorted Cakes

    Kahlua Cake,Black Forrest Cake, Carrot Cake, Lemon Meringue,Baked Cheese...

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  • Ice Cream Cassata

    Ice Cream Cassata

    Glazed fruit pieces/chocolate/almonds & ice cream...

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  • Ricotta Cheese Cake

    Ricotta Cheese Cake

    Served Cold (When available)...

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  • Almond Meringue with cream

    Almond Meringue with cream

    Choc, nuts, biscuit, dates, cream & meringue...

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  • Sicilian Cannolo

    Sicilian Cannolo

    Tube shape pastery filled with ricotta cheese, pistachio nuts, fruit pieces...

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  • Sorbet


    Lemon flavour served with or without limoncello liquor or strawberry or Mango...

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  • Crème Brulee’

    Crème Brulee’

    Crème Caramel or Crème Brulee’...

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  • Panna Cotta

    Panna Cotta

    cooked cream soaked in frangelico & coffee liqueur...

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  • Meringue Delight

    Meringue Delight

    With fresh cream or ice cream & cherries in sauce...

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  • Italian Kisses/Baci

    Italian Kisses/Baci

    2 kisses per portion...

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  • Ice Cream

    Ice Cream

    With hot chocolate sauce...

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